Welcome to ACTRA Manitoba

ACTRA Manitoba represents the interests of over 800 Full, Apprentice and Additional Background members. It is one of the nine branches of ACTRA, Canada’s national union of over 28,000 professional performers working in English-language recorded media.


President's Message

It has been a busy few months since this new Council was formed at June’s AGM. We said goodbye to Rob Macklin and welcomed Rea Kavanagh as Branch Representative. Our branch has been extremely active with various committees, initiating new training opportunities, and more. The SAG-AFTRA strike is over, which is great news for production. We wish you a safe and warm holiday season - anticipate 2024 to be a busy year!

Member Bulletins

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What’s filming in Manitoba

Manitoba’s talented performers and crew, as well as a strong Film and Television Tax Credit, make it an ideal location for film, television and digital media production.

ACTRA Magazine: Summer 2023

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