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Local training opportunities will be added to this page as they become available. If you are a member of ACTRA, please check out the ACTRA Education website below! For ongoing acting classes, please click here. Film Training Manitoba provides a variety of film-related classes.

ACTRA Education

Exclusively for ACTRA Members! The new education website ( offers professional development modules allowing you to work on your craft, learn new skills, and succeed in the business of performing.

Courses can be completed at your convenience – anytime, anywhere!

This free workshop will give an overview of the American dialect which is beneficial when submitting / auditioning for American productions.
ACTRA Alberta & ACTRA Manitoba have engaged the training services of Atlanta-based dialect coach Amani Dorn to grow the talent pool of Black performers looking to increase their skills and knowledge of African American Vernacular English (AAVE) accents and dialects.
Managing your career is a big part of the business of being an actor and booking work is just part one of the financial equation.  Actor/self-manager Jan Skene will enlighten you as to the ins and outs of the paperwork, money trail and online resources; and Talent Agent Paul Christie (The Charact...
The BIPOC Actor’s Training Series, held in partnership with Film Training Manitoba, has been fantastic so far! This is the first set of workshops that ACTRA has been a part of that has also been open to non-ACTRA members, to expand the diverse talent pool in Manitoba and support BIPOC performers.
ACTRA and Film Training Manitoba hosted a casting panel discussion in February 2018. Panel members were Jeff Beesley (director), Kyle Bornais (producer), Kristen Harris (actor), Carmen Kotyk (casting director), and John B. Lowe (actor). Marina Stephenson Kerr was the moderator.