To create music, a piano must be tuned and maintained, and the pianist must practice.  In acting, the human form must also continually be treated as the instrument of our art, a cherished entity that must be tuned regularly, maintained through healthy habits, and continually trained so that our performances are the fullest, most genuine, and real conveyances of the stories we have undertaken to tell to the world.  This is the job of an actor.

At ACTRA Manitoba, we acknowledge and recognize the importance of ensuring our members have ongoing opportunities to learn not only their craft, but also the business of being a professional actor.  It is necessary to keep our instrument tuned, and to embody our work through training.

The Training Committee of ACTRA Manitoba’s (TCAM) vision is to see our members having meaningful opportunities to contribute to and participate in the Manitoba Film Industry to the fullest extent possible.  This includes strict adherence to values which foster education, training and the tools needed for all those we represent to grow, gain exposure and flourish as performers in the Manitoba film industry.

The mandate of TCAM is to devote itself to promoting these values through:

1. Member engagement and consultation

2. Dialogue with faculty, instructors, business minds, and mentors in the industry; and

3. Developing training and workshops designed to address the unique interests of all persons who form our membership

The Canadian, and indeed uniquely Manitoban, film industries are ones which ought to be enhanced by the skills of our Manitoba Members.  To that end, it is our mission through the TCAM to prepare our members to contribute to the film industry in the most meaningful way possible, with confidence, pride and unique creative prowess.  TCAM seeks to embrace the principles of inclusion, awareness, advocacy, education and appreciation for the contributions all of our members have to make to our Canadian screens.