Lionel Moore was honoured with Life Membership at ACTRA Manitoba’s 2021 AGM. Lionel has been a member of ACTRA for 53 years, first joining in 1968. He would like to let his fellow members know that being honoured by ACTRA has left him speechless, very humbled and pleased beyond words.

“Over my many years’ involvement with ACTRA and the Media Guild as a staff Announcer for 31 years with the CBC, I met so many wonderful people who have become dear friends and many I’m still in contact with. And I can say: many are as equally deserving of the recognition you have given me with this Life Member status, of which I’m most appreciative. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and believe me, for an 81 year-old guy it doesn’t get any better than this.”

Lionel Moore has been a member of ACTRA for 53 years, first joining in 1968. After retiring from the CBC, he became more involved in ACTRA and served on the Manitoba Council for a number of years.        

Lionel was a Staff Announcer at CBC Winnipeg for 31 years, always involved in the various Unions that represented the Announcer staff over the years, as an executive member of ARTEC, CUPE and the Canadian Media Guild, when the Guild took over representation of the ‘On-air’ staff of the CBC.  

At the time of his retirement, he was the National Vice-president of the Western Region for the Guild.  His union involvement, besides being local President, included membership on the National Executive Board and several National committees.

Lionel also served 3 two-year terms as the National Co-Facilitator of the CBC’s Employee Assistance Program covering about 14,000 employees and retirees. He is a Charter Member of the Board of Directors of the Employee Assistance Society of North America.

As Council member for ACTRA Manitoba he did significant work on the By-Laws committee, and was especially proud to have been a member of the hiring board that selected our current Branch Rep, Rob Macklin and “what a selection that turned out to be for ACTRA Manitoba”, says Moore. “Rob has done an amazing job over the years in promotion and other services to members, in training, equipment and studio space to provide more and better opportunities for our members to improve and market themselves and also to provide a strong vibrant future for ACTRA Manitoba.”

While Lionel never did pursue work as an actor he worked background in about 40 films shot in and around Winnipeg, and was fortunate enough 3 different times to be the stand-in for that great actor, Brian Dennehy. Lionel says, “Another part of my life, most important to me, is my wife Frances. We have been married 58 years and we were blessed with 4 children.”

“My very sincere and heartfelt thanks to our President Jan Skene, the Manitoba Council and everyone who was involved in my selection to receive “LIFE MEMBERSHIP STATUS IN ACTRA.”