A Full Member in good standing may run for any position on Council:

Four (4) Table Officers: President & National Councillor, Vice President, Treasurer & Secretary,

Six (6) Members-At-Large.

Election & AGM Date: Tuesday, June 6, 2023 – Radisson Hotel – Terrace floor (Portage & Smith).

Registration: 6:30 PM

Meeting: 7:00 PM

All Full Members in good standing may vote.

If you meet the criteria and are interested in running for election , please complete a Candidate Declaration Form.

The Declared Candidates for all positions are as follows:

PRESIDENT: Alan Wong                       standing for re-election,

VICE PRESIDENT: Kalyn Bomback        standing for re-election,

TREASURER: Turk Scatliff                     standing for election (new),

SECRETARY: Krystle Snow                    standing for re-election.


  1. Demkowicz, Nazariy       standing for election,
  2. Guile, Shannon               standing for re-election,
  3. James, Lorraine               standing for election,
  4. Javier, Jean-Jacques        standing for election,
  5. Knight, Marsha                standing for re-election,
  6. Longfield, Kevin               standing for election,
  7. Ternopolski, Veronica     standing for election.

All Candidates must be nominated from the floor of the AGM and any Full Member in good-standing can be nominated at that time. Only Full Members in good-standing attending the Meeting may vote.

If you are interested in running for a position on Council and would like to Declare prior to the AGM, please complete the form.