What was your first ACTRA gig?

MK – Oh, my goodness. This is going to show either my age or my memory. Or both. I’m pretty sure my early ACTRA gigs were Background work. That was a time when you had to complete a certain number of contracts doing Background in order to receive a membership.

What was your most memorable role?

MK – I was doing stand-in for Amreeka (2009). One day, in the mid-afternoon, I was standing back during the shooting. Around the corner, there was a separate crew building a set for a night time scene. I watched them for a few minutes. I had this wonderful thought and feeling come over me. We were making magic. I know that doesn’t answer the question of a memorable ‘role.’ But if I hadn’t been a member of ACTRA, I wouldn’t have been in that position to be able to be a part of the magic of movie-making.

What is your dream role?

MK – A dream role? Well, if you’re gonna dream… dream big. My dream role would be something along side Meryl Streep or Carol Burnett. Like I said – dream big. Other dream roles closer to home would be to be a part of stories that reflect the Canadian North, both historically and for the future and to be part of stories that are about the Indigenous Women that were and are a part of Turtle Island. My dream roles would be those that continue to tell stories.

How has being an ACTRA member benefitted you?

MK – ACTRA has been a huge benefit. I’ve never had a concern when I’ve been on set and I think a big part of that comes from being a member of ACTRA. Whenever I’ve signed a contract, I am very, very happy to know that I am doing that as a member of ACTRA, and for that I say thank you.

What do you look forward to most in serving on council?

MK – I was very excited and appreciative for being elected to council. I know I will have a lot to learn and by the same token, I know I will have a lot to contribute. As part of my intro as to why I wanted to serve on council, I mentioned that I am very interested in bringing forward some initiatives. These being related to the commercial sector and those working in background. I’m excited to get started on these ideas with council.

July 2017