What was your first ACTRA gig?

NP – I played a woman named Nadine (yup, the director let me use my own name!) in the first Don Cherry movie. I think I had two lines and I was TERRIFIED.

What was your most memorable role?

NP – My most memorable role was as an actor in an MPI commercial. There was an unflattering and fairly cheesy moment in the commercial that people teased me about for years. It’s actually pretty funny now that I think about it.

What is your dream role?

NP – Comedy. Being funny and silly on a sketch show like SNL.

How has being an ACTRA member benefitted you?

NP – I would never have had the confidence to negotiate rates as good as those I’ve gotten through ACTRA. Many actors undersell themselves, they will work for little or free because they love their art. ACTRA has helped me to realize that we’re professionals – our expertise adds value to projects.

What do you look forward to most in serving on council?

NP – I hope to gain knowledge and proficiency in advocating for union members. It would also be wonderful if opportunities arose to be involved in advocacy for the arts on a provincial and federal level.

August 2017