How has being an ACTRA member benefited you so far?

A: I have gotten more roles since joining ACTRA and feel like I have more opportunities. I also got to present an award at the last ACTRA Awards, which was awesome.

What do you like most about the art of acting?

A: The environment – it is such a fun environment, and I love getting to pretend to be different characters. And the relationships – everyone is so kind. I have made so many friends and met so many amazing actors.

Which role has been your favourite to play?

A: I love them all!! Melinda Landers in the Grudge was great. I loved the stunts, the makeup and scaring people! Maeryn in The Christmas Club was also awesome because I got to dance and I love to dance. Amazing Winter Romance was so great because we got to film out at the snow maze… and I really like the movie I am working on now!!

Do you have any tips for actors, whether in auditioning or after being cast?

A: When you have an audition don’t worry about the lines. Just go in and do your best and then forget about it. When you get a part and are on set, be a good listener and be kind to everyone.

Where do you want to be career-wise in the future?

A: I would love to still be acting, maybe in New York or Hollywood! Maybe get an Oscar or a Grammy one day. I also love to sing and I’d like to be a veterinarian.

February 2020