The ACTRA Manitoba Awards recognize the accomplishments of ACTRA Manitoba’s talented performers and celebrate Manitoba’s vibrant film industry.

The 2016 nominees are:

Most Outstanding Performance in a Short Production:
Brock Couch (Boy Toys)
Darcy Fehr (Black Rainbow)
Adam Hurtig (Seven Drinks)
Daina Leitold (Dirt on Me)
Aaron Merke (Advanced Wizards & Warriors)

Most Outstanding Performance by a Female Artist – Theatrical Release
Melissa Marie Elias (A Warden’s Ransom)
Tamara Gorski (Steel)
Daina Leitold (The Exorcism of Molly Hartley)
Jacqueline Loewen (The Journey Home)
Nancy Sorel (Heaven Is for Real)

Most Outstanding Performance by a Male Artist – Theatrical Release
Paul Essiembre (A Warden’s Ransom)
Darcy Fehr (Heaven Is for Real)
Darren Felbel (Hyena Road)
Ernesto Griffith (A Warden’s Ransom)
Darren Wall (Hyena Road)

Most Outstanding Performance by a Female Artist – Television
Lauren Cochrane (The Pinkertons)
Rebecca Gibson (The Pinkertons)
Beverly Ndukwu (The Choking Game)
Jenny Pudavick (The Pinkertons)
Nancy Sorel (The Pinkertons)

Most Outstanding Performance by a Male Artist – Television
Dave Brown (The Pinkertons)
John C. MacDonald (The Pinkertons)
Arne MacPherson (The Pinkertons)
Stephen Eric McIntyre (The Pinkertons)
Ray Strachan (The Pinkertons)

Most Outstanding Stunt Performance
Eric Blais / Tristan Carlucci (The Pinkertons)
Terry Ray (The Journey Home)
Kristen Sawatzky (A Warden’s Ransom)
Sean Skene / Bryan Verot (The Pinkertons)
Anders Strome (Joy Ride 3 Roadkill)


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